Barrier Protection and Hand Sanitizer + are 99.9% Effective

It’s Nanoed™ has world changing technology that keeps bacteria and viruses off of surfaces and hands with a ‘mechanical kill’ process. No harsh chemicals, ever! Safe for you, your family, pets and the environment.

hp barrier protection

We disinfect and sanitize our office with It’s Nanoed products to ensure everyone’s safety.

Barrier Technology

It’s Nanoed™ offers a “mechanical kill” to microbes without the use of toxic materials.

When an area is coated, billions of “invisible” nanoscopic spikes form and bond with the surface, instantly electrocuting harmful microbes and pathogens.

It’s Nanoed™ Barrier Technology is based on engineered molecules of silicon dioxide (SiO2) forming a strong covalent bond that stays on hard surfaces for over 30 days or on your hands for up to 8 hours. This barrier is only nanometers thick, and prevents harmful microbes from attaching to the surface like a balloon landing on a bed of nails.