The Top 10 Most Common Dental Procedures What You Need to Know

What You Need to Know about Dental Procedures

Not everyone enjoys going to their Tempe dentist. Most of us could think of a million other things we would rather be doing. But we all know the importance of having a great smile, and to maintain that smile and your oral health, it’s essential to see your dentist at least twice a year to get professional cleanings and have your mouth looked at to ensure that cavities and other problems are caught early on. When you have a problem, it is important to put it on for a short time, or you will face a more significant, expensive issue. Here at Eicon Dental, we offer some of the best dentistry services in the Tempe area. We understand the importance of dental care and want to go over the ten most common dental procedures.

1 – Teeth Cleaning

Professional teeth cleaning is the best thing you can do to maintain oral health and a healthy smile. While you probably clean your teeth at home, at least we would hope so. There is no comparison to having them cleaned at the dental office. Plaque buildup will become tartar, a very hard substance that a basic toothbrush cannot clean off. It will need to be scaled away at the dental office. If left untreated, it is a breeding ground for bacteria which can lead to cavities and other issues.

2 – Fillings

Cavities can be easily acquired and are, unfortunately, common. In most cases, a filling is the best solution for a cavity. Occasionally, cavities can be prevented by proper oral care, such as brushing your teeth twice daily and visiting your dentist for cleanings. But, when cavities strike, a filling is usually the best solution.

3 – Extractions

The sound of extraction is both horrifying and agonizing. Indeed, there are more pleasurable procedures than these. The dentist will make every effort to ensure the patient is comfortable. However, any number of things could go wrong, necessitating an extraction. This is what we do when there isn’t any other option. Extracting a tooth can be done in the office and only takes a few minutes.

4 – Root Canals

When a tooth’s cavity has gotten so deep that it affects the root or there is a problem with the root, when there is an infection within a tooth’s root, it will need a root canal or extraction. Many people want to save their teeth and opt for a root canal when possible. Furthermore, this is a less invasive procedure than extraction, allowing a much faster healing time. Be sure to check out our How Urgent is a Root Canal for more information

5 – Crowns

A crown is the best option when a tooth’s decay extends beyond its enamel or when a cavity threatens the tooth’s crown. These procedures typically require two visits, but they shouldn’t be too uncomfortable. An impression of your tooth will be taken by your dentist so that a lab technician can create a crown that will fit over the damaged tooth. These are also recommended anytime you have a root canal done to help with the tooth’s stability.

6 – Teeth Whitening

While we have mentioned many basic dental services we offer here at Eicon Dental, we also offer some cosmetic services. Teeth Whitening is one of these such services. We do our best to. As Tempe dentists, we want to help our clients fall in love with their smiles. This can mean something simple like brightening them up with teeth whitening. We offer professional teeth whitening that is both safe and more effective than over-the-counter solutions.

7 – Veneers

Veneers are a treatment option for those with gaps between teeth or discoloration. A veneer is a thin shell bonded to the front of a tooth or set of teeth to improve its appearance.

8 – Bonding

Bonding is another application that can fix fixing broken or chipped teeth. We use a resin that matches your teeth to fill in the chip or gap you have in your teeth to give your tooth a better symmetrical look.

9 – Dental Implants

Dental implants are utilized to help replace missing teeth. Many people opt for this more permanent solution should they have a tooth knocked out or have had an extraction.

10 – Emergency Dentistry

Emergency dentistry is a super important aspect. As Tempe dentists, we understand that things come up, and you have no time to wait when you’re in pain.